Friday, 20 July 2012

Mapping Film in Place

I saw a great post in today's Design Week newsletter by Angus Montgomery. Its about the creation of a "film map"  by design consultancy Dorothy. Following on from its Song Map project (recently featured on the cover of the new Saint Etienne album) Dorothy has created a map composed of places with over nine hundred classic film titles, with a look reminiscent of old maps of Los Angeles in the nineteen thirties.

Many of my favourites are featured - The Thirty Nine Steps, The Killing Fields, Chinatown, Reservoir Dogs, Alcatraz. Very clever.

               It even has its own parks and lakes, or should I say reservoirs for the dogs.

               The Film Map is available from, with prices starting at £25.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Wild Atlantic Way

For Colliers International in Ireland I am working with my young mate Roger Hobkinson on the development of a brand proposition for a driving route along Ireland's Atlantic coast, which has the working title of "The Wild Atlantic Way". We are doing this for Failte Ireland and on the team are designers Red&Grey and landscape architects Brady Shipman Martin. Last week Roger and I spent six days driving from Buncranna in the north west of the island down the coast to Cork in the south. We had a mixture of weather, mostly wet, but with a few prolonged bright patches, but even in the driving rain much of the coastline still looked and felt majestic and wild. Below are a selection of the photographs I took en route. Our task now is to develop a brand proposition for the route; quite a challenge!

                                                        Northern Donegal

                                                         Western Donegal 

                                          Western Donegal east of Rossan Point

                                                          Achill Point Mayo

                                         Me at the sands near Achill Point, Mayo
                                         The delightful town of Westport in Mayo

                                      Emlagh Point overlooking Clew bay in Mayo

                                             Dunlough Pass in Mayo

                                         The end of the "Sky Road" near Clifden
                                                                  in Galway

                                        The bog in Connemara near Ballynahinch

                                          Dick Mack's wonderful bar in Dingle which 
                                          had the best pint of Guinness en route

                                                       Emlagh Point in Mayo

                                               The Shannon Estuary at Tarbet